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Return Policy

We will accept returns within 30 days of order if the product is not what we have portrayed in the shop or is not working as described on the product page found here. This will require the following actions on your part:

This will require the following actions on your part:


(1) Please let us know via email as soon as you find your product is not working as expected. The email should include the following and be sent to

a. The original order invoice copy you received with The Coconut Shop package sent to the recipient.

b. Reason for the request for refund or return of the product.

c. Add in whether you would like to have a replacement product sent to you or what exact action you would like to see.

d. We have an electronic and handy form you can download and complete to provide all pertinent data.


(2) Normally you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the support request almost immediately from our support team.


(3) Once we have acknowledged your claim, we will investigate and will reply with our findings and action.


(4) Please keep your original packing until after the guarantee period in case the item is sent back to us.


(5) We will either replace or refund the money for the item in question as long as all is in order.


(6) Our top priority is to deliver what is promised on our side, and we want to take care of our customers in a fast and efficient manner.


(7) Working together, we can resolve all problems and make sure that you want to shop with us again and again over the coming years!



Dave & Robert


The Coconut Shop

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